Nov 2, 2006

George William and Annie Robertson LOISELLE 1910 Holcombe WI

1910 United States Federal Census
Holcombe Town, Chippewa Co, WI
orig sheet 1
SD 10
ED 69
Ward of City Holcombe
J.B. Martin, enumerator
15 Apr 1910

lines 7 ff
hh 3/3

William LOISELLE [this is George William "William" LOISELLE; he is indexed at as Willam Loiselle for this census.], head, white, male
Age in 1910: 38; b abt 1872; b WI; fa b Canada annotated "French"]; mo b NY;
Married 9 years
Rents his home

Name: Annie LOISELLE [Annie Maud ROBERTSON and (variant) ROBINSON], wife, white, female
Age in 1910: 28, b abt 1822; b Canada [annotated "Scotch"]; fa b Scotland [annotated "Scotch"]; mo b Canada [annotated "Scotch"]
Married 9 years
Year of Immigration: 1886
4 children born to her; 4 living

Ella Loiselle [Ella M. LOISELLE will marry and then divorce George P. HINTON], dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 8, b abt 1902; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Canada

Allice Loiselle [Alice Vivian LOISELLE will marry Fred Einer SANDBERG], dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 6; b abt 1904; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Candada

Hazel Loiselle, dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 4, b abt 1906; b WI; mo b Canada

Etienne Loiselle, son, white, male [Etienne dies in 1918; this is his only census entry]
Age in 1910: 2, b abt 1908; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Canada;

Ella, Allice, and Hazel all attended school w/in the year.

William's brother Thadeous LOISLLE is enumerated on the same page for this census (as Thad LOISELLE). His sister Cora and his brother Fred follow closely - on the next page.

Source: 1910 Population Schedule, Holcombe, Chippewa Co, WI. NARA micropublication T624_1703, page: 1A.

Nov 1, 2006

Matilda Loiselle Toutant - 1900 census Chippewa Co, WI

Matilda LOISELLE was a daughter of Etienne LOISELLE and Florence ROBERTS. To this point, I have only been able to locate her on the 1880 and 1900 censuses. She was a sister to our family's George William "William" LOISELLE who married Anna Maude "Annie" ROBERTSON (also found with the surname ROBINSON).

Matilda LOISELLE married a man with the surname TOUTANT, likely in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. He was apparently Alphonse TOUTANT (TOUTEMPS), but I have not yet independently documented that. The 1900 census indicates that Matilda has married, had three children, and divorced.

Village of Cadott, Chippewa Co, WI
12-13 Jun 1900
Ross. Hardy, enumerator

SD 99
ED 56
Orig sheet 4b

household 81/84
lines 69 ff

TOUTANT, Matilda, Head, w, f, May 1867, 33, divorced; 4 children born to her, 4 living; born WI; fa b Canada; mo b NY; Dressmaker; no unemployment in prev yr; can read, write, and speak English; rents
-- Clara B., dau, w, f, Jul 1887; 12 yrs old; single; b WI; fa b Canada; m b WI; no occupa listed; can read, write, speak Engl
--Lida E., dau, w, f, Apr 1888, 12, single, 12 yrs old; b WI; fa b Canada; m b WI;occupa: at school; can read, write, speak Engl
--John R., son, w, m, Mar 1895, 5 yrs old, single; ; fa b Canada; m b WI; no occupa listed; can speak Engl

Source: 1900 US Census, Cadott, Chippewa, Wisconsin, Micropublication T623_1780, p 4B

Please share any further information you might have on Matilda LOISELLE TOUTANT; her marriage; or her descendants.

Dr Royal C RODECKER, Cora, Fred, and Alice LOISELLE 1910

18 Apr 1910
Holcombe Town, Chippewa Co, WI
SD 10
ED 69
Orig sheet 2a
JB Martin, enumerator

lines 10 ff
hh 25/27
Loiselle, Fred, head, m, w, 40, marr, 29 at 1st marr, b WI, fa b Canada (French), mo b NY, barn boss in livery barn, can read and write, rents
--Alice, f, w, 52, marr 1st at 29, b WI, fa b OH, mo b OH, can read and write - no children born to her (and so none living)

Fred was enumerated two households after that of his sister Cora and her husband Royal RODECKER:

line 6 ff
hh 23/25
RODECKER, Royal C., head, m, w, 34, marr. (says 5 yrs at 1st marriage - enumeration error), b IL, fa b IL, mo, IN, physician at drug store, reads and writes, owns own home mortgage-free
--Cora [F?], wife, f, w, 29, marr, 5 yrs at 1st marr (enumeration error); no children born to her (and so none living), b WI, fa b Canada (French), mo b NY, housewife

Royal's parents Charles W. (64) and Matilda A. (58) RODECKER were enumerated between Cora and her brother Fred's households at household 24/26. (Charles RODECKER is also enumerated as a physician.)

Micropublication T624_1703, orig p 2A; image: 923 at