Jul 29, 2007

Edward RACKOW 1840-1927 - Germany and Wisconsin

The Edward/Edvard RACKOW Family

Germany → Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin → Sheboygan County, Wisconsin → Texas → Chippewa County, Wisconsin

PART 1 - Introduction:

Edvard RACKOW emigrated from his German homeland to the United States about 1866. He first settled down in Fond du Lac Co, WI. At some point, his given name was anglecized to Edward RACKOW.

Emilie "Millie" RACKOW was the ninth of Edward's fourteen children - his eighth daughter. She married Clarence CHAPMAN on 9 February, 1910 in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Millie and Clarence had three daughters and a son. Their youngest daughter, Marian Emma CHAPMAN married twice - first to Royal Charles LOISELLE and secondly to Emmert Ellsworth "Tex" BERRY. Marian died in Wickenburg, Arizona in 1988.

PART 2 - The RACKOW data sheet - BACKGROUND information:

A genealogy sheet titled "The Rackow Family" was found by one of Edvard/Edward RACKOW's great-grandsons among his father Tex BERRY's papers some time after Tex's 1994 death in Phoenix, Arizona. In Spring 2007, Tex's son Bob mailed a copy of the paper he had found to his half brother Dennis.

"The Rackow Family" is a one-sided typescript page. It was composed using an "elite" typewriter .... c o n t i n u e s .... ↓

→ Read my full html page | here | . It contains my latest notes, analyses, and the entire text of the original RACKOW document. It is full of leads to the family and descendants of Edvard RACKOW, his wives Ernestine BROMME and Bertha WINKEL, and his fourteen children.