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Emmert Elsworth "Tex" BERRY - some genealogy data

Emmert Elsworth BERRY (8 Jan 1908 - 12 Feb 1994), aka "Tex" BERRY, Emmert E. BERRY, E.E. BERRY
His parents were Sidney Wayne BERRY (son of Rose Ann MOCK & Wesley BERRY; see below) and Ethel Geneva LONGANECKER.
Emmert married
Marian Emma CHAPMAN (12 Oct 1914 - 28 Oct 1988)
Her parents were Clarence Clinton CHAPMAN and Emilie "Millie" RACKOW

Wesley BERRY 1 JAN 1878 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA. He was born 2 MAR 1851 in Indiana, USA. He married Rose Ann MOCK (David MOCK 4, John MOCK 3, Johann George MOCK 2, Johann MACK 1). She born 8 JUL 1857 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA, and died Jul 1917. [See land record data for them in Chippewa Co, WI | here |.]

Children of Rose Ann MOCK and Wesley BERRY are
i. Grace E. BERRY was born SEP 1878 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA.
ii. John BERRY was born JAN 1881 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA.
iii. Marion BERRY was born OCT 1882 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA.
iv. Hiram B. BERRY was born JUL 1884 in Kosciusko County, Indiana, USA.
v. Sydney BERRY was born APR 1886 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA.
vi. Jennie Marie BERRY was born 10 APR 1888 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA.
vii. George BERRY was born DEC 1891 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA.
viii. Laurence BERRY was born DEC 1895 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA.

Sydney Wayne BERRY (Rose Ann MOCK 5, David MOCK 4, John MOCK 3, Johann George MOCK 2, Johann MACK 1) was born 1 Apr 1886 in Chippewa County, Wisconsin.

Sydney BERRY married Ethel Geneva LONGANECKER (20 Aug 1890 - 15 Oct 1956) abt 1906-1906. One of their sons was Emmert Ellsworth "Tex" BERRY (above), second husband of Marian Emma CHAPMAN.

Note: for some BERRY family data, see Randy Deaver Miller's internet tree | here | [java required]

Census data for Emmert E. BERRY:

  • 1910 Apr 18 Census: North Dakota, Ward County, Berthold. Tyler Street (Berthold Village, Ward 4 [in the home of his parents]
  • 1920 Jan 21 Census: North Dakota, Ward County. Tasker Coal Mine, Kirkelie Township [in the home of his parents]
  • 1930 Apr 4 Census: Minnesota, Hennepin County, Minneapolis . 6 East 37th Street (Ward 13, Block 130 ) [as head of household; he is with his first wife]

Emmert Elsworth "Tex" BERRY, born 1908, was a son of Sydney Wayne and Ethel Geneva (LONGANECKER) BERRY. Tex was a highly intelligent, strong-principled, hard-working man. He had a wonderful wit and was quite a charmer. Though he had to quit school in the seventh grade to help out with family finances, he continued his self-education for his whole life. The time he spent in school must have been well spent because he was adept at figures and was well-spoken and well-read.

When he married Marian Emma (CHAPMAN) LOISELLE in the 1940s, it was the second marriage for both of them. Behind him, Tex had a string of adventurous but arduous jobs, including mining in North Dakota and lumbering in Canada. He and Marian set up housekeeping together in Bloomington, Minnesota, in the first of two homes Tex would build for his family.

At the time, he was working as a driver-salesman for Emerick Baking Company in Minneapolis, his employer for twenty-five years. When he retired, while the couple was living in nearby Bloomington, there was no gold watch to accompany his employer's farewell handshake but only an electric waffle iron for all the long hours and years of hard work. Tex was never one to dwell on the past or to sit still for very long, however. All of his life, he was what everyone used to call "handy"; and so he had no sooner retired from Emerick's than he began his own construction business in Bloomington.

Bloomington was living up to its name. It had truly begun blooming since Marian and Tex began their family life there. By 1950, the town's population had swelled to 9,902, causing school enrollment to grow so quickly that the first and second grades had to be put on a split schedule for the 1949-1950 school year.

Starting out, the growing family had lived in a single-car garage built to shelter the family while Tex built the house itself. It could not have been an easy life for any of them. Marian worked for both Paramount Pies and Skippy Peanut Butter; and Tex was driving for the bakery. He built the house as he could. One of his sons loves telling about how he helped dig the well by being lowered into the hole and filling buckets with dirt. Eventually there was a house to connect to the garage with a breezeway, and the family moved in. The completed house had a full basement (exposed beams and painted cinder block) and a Tex-built fireplace - one of his specialties through the years. Three of the boys had bedrooms in the basement. The two youngest children's rooms were upstairs (as was Tex's and Marian's). Upstairs were two bedrooms, the living room, kitchen, and bath. The stairs to the basement were off the kitchen.

The Berry house - 207 Pillsbury - was second in from Pillsbury Avenue's intersection with 90th Street (near Lyndale Ave). Physically, however, it was actually the first house on 90th after the intersection with Pillsbury. The family's next-door neighbors were Frank and Audrey Turnquist. Their front door was on Pillsbury Avenue. Catty-cornered from Berry house on 90th was a (garden) nursery. No more houses were on 90th until after the railroad tracks which bisected 90th Street.

In 1952, Toro Manufacturing Company moved to Bloomington, opening up more jobs and providing a nice economic growth spurt for the town. The town's Chamber of Commerce was organized that year - as a booster club. By 1953, the Berry family was seriously working toward a relocation to the north woods. That same year, Bloomington's government changed from a township form of government to that of a village form. A Police Department was established at cost of $2 per taxpayer; and the city got its first traffic light - at what was called the "very dangerous" corner of 98th Street and Lyndale Avenue - only a couple of blocks from where the Berry home was.

In about 1952, one of Tex's brothers, also a contractor, had moved north to the small community of Outing, Minnesota. Tex followed not long afterward, moving his family, too, to the shores of Smokey Hollow Lake, onto an approximately ten-acre lot he had acquired. The two Berry brothers had partnered up, creating the Northern Construction Company. After just a few years in business together, however, they were unable to resolve some financial differences and dissolved their business partnership. Still, both remained in construction in Outing, with Emmert continuing his work under the Northern Construction Company business name and his brother working under his own name.

Over the years, Tex's integrity and hard work made him a highly-respected area businessman. He was personable and could get along with just about anyone. At the local Remer bank, Tex's handshake was enough to secure loans for his materials. He was a loyal customer of Johnson's Lumber in Fifty Lakes, Minnesota, about forty miles from Outing, for many, many years; and one of his company's largest contracts was the construction of the Boy Scout Camp in Fifty Lakes. He and his small crew built the camp over two and a half years, working year-round - doing all the inside cabinetry and built-ins during Minnesota's harsh winter months.

Tex also built his family's home in Outing, starting its construction while the family still lived in Bloomington. For about a year, Tex and a couple of his boys had gone north on weekends to build an enclosure that the family could move into. The year the family moved - 1954 - Bloomington was still growing exponentially. It bought its first park land - for the parks of Moir and Bush Lake Beach - by assessing each village parcel $1 to cover the purchases. By 1955, the year the Berry family was settling into life in the deep woods around Outing, Bloomington's population had soared to 248, 934, and the town boasted 85 businesses. In 1992, the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnestoa was built. It stands just over two miles from the site of the first BERRY home.

In Outing , the original one-room structure into which the family moved in late summer 1954 became the house's living room. That initial living area was divided into three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a washroom. It was warmed by a large wood-burning stove that the family fueled from its own land. When Tex and Marian sold the house in early the 1970s to move to Wickenburg, Arizona, where they'd been wintering for a few years, the house - on what is now known as Berry Road - was a small gem - three cozy bedrooms; a bath; a large sitting room-living room combination with two walls of windows overlooking the lake; a recreation room big enough to comfortably house the family's pool table; a bright eat-in kitchen, also with a view of the lake; and a laundry-mud room. Tex had also built a 32x32 foot workshop-garage in which he did much of his winter-time carpentry. Near the front door stood the trees the family had planted in honor of each of the household's children. The wooded area around the house had been brushed out early on and framed the deep lot. In the sparkling lake out front, a motor boat and pontoon were moored at a short swimming pier. Syd and Ethel, Tex's parents had moved into a cottage with root cellar next door at about the same time Tex and his brother moved north. Next to Syd and Ethel was a seasonal home and then came Tex's brother's two lots - shallower than Tex's but plenty large enough for his brother's family home and one for nephew, too. George Huff, the first resident on the family's end of the lake, lived next; and on the other end of the lake was its first settler, a farmer who had cleared and planted all the way to the lake shore. In the later 1950s, the area between Tex's and the farmer's began to be populated with city people building seasonal homes.

By the mid-1960s, Tex and Marian themselves were also migrating seasonally. Another of Tex's brothers was living in the small town of Wickenburg, Arizona; and Tex and Marian began spending several winter months there. By the early 1970s, with all their children married and the northern Minnesota winters chilling older bones to the core, Tex was ready for a second retirement. He and Marian began the last chapter of their life by selling their Outing home and business and moving permanently to Wickenburg, a town that smacked of the flavor of the old West. Of course, Tex didn't completely retire; that just wasn't in his nature. He couldn't resist taking on small independent contracting jobs - doing roofing and carpentry and building fireplaces for many people in Maricopa County and its surrounds. The money he earned came in handy, too. The couple were among the thousands whose life savings were completely wiped out in the widespread Arizona Savings and Loan scandal. By then, however, Tex and Marian had simplified their lives even more than the plain, unpretentious lives they had always lived; and so they survived. You might say even say they thrived there in the Arizona desert. Over time, three of their grown children moved nearby and started families of their own.

When Marian contracted liver cancer and died in 1988, Tex remained active and stayed on in the former bunk-house apartment at the Simpson family's Whispering Pine Lodge in Wickenburg that he and Marian rented and called home for years. He had survived a severe heart attack a few years before Marian's death, but in the late 1980s he began having heart problems again. Eventually, around 1991, he agreed to move in with his second-to-youngest son and daughter-in-law, to share their home in Phoenix. And not long after that, he also agreed to stop driving - probably one of the hardest decisions Tex ever made. His son's family treated him with dignity, allowing him all the independence he could safely bear. All his children and grandchildren kept in contact and spent time with him as they could. He died in Phoenix on 12 February 1994. [In this online version of the sketch, the names of living people have been replaced with their relationships to Tex.]

Photos of Tex's and Marian's graves in the Wickenburg Cemetery can be viewed online:

Obituary, Emmert BERRY, 8 Jan 1908 - 12 Feb 1994

Emmert Berry

Emmert Elsworth Berry of Phoenix died on Feb. 12 [1994] at a Phoenix hospital. He was 86.

Mr. Berry was born Jan. 8, 1908 in Stanley, Wis., and had lived in Arizona for 20 years.

Over the years, Mr. Berry had worked as a trapper in Canada, a U.S. Cavalryman, a bakery truck driver in Minneapolis, Minn., and a residential carpenter in Northern Minnesota.

He moved to Wickenburg in 1974 and had spent the last two years in Phoenix.

Mr. Berry bowled until he was 82 and did carpentry work until age 80. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Wickenburg.

He is survived by [private - contact Dawnelle for the data, or read the original source file].

The funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday (Feb. 17) at the First Presyterian Church, 180 N. Adams St. [Wickenburg, AZ]

Rev. Jim Longstreet is to officiate.

All arrangements were handled by Wickenburg Funeral Home.

Source: "More Obituaries - Emmert Berry." Wickenburg Sun [Wickenburg, AZ]16 Feb 1994: A3. (Original among compiler's family papers.)
Notes: I am not certain who acted as informant for the published obituary or how much of the information they provided actually made its way into the paper. The Sun does not mention Emmert's nickname, "Tex," likely the only name many knew him by. Genealogists will notice that the published obituary also omits his marriages. It doesn't mention his first wife and mother of two of his children, Haida (UNK), whom he divorced, or his second wife, Marian (CHAPMAN) BERRY, mother of four of his children and of the two step-children he raised. It doesn't say that that he was buried next to Marian, who predeceased him, in the Wickenburg Community Cemetery. Tex also had two children who died before he did: step-daughter Barbara Ann Loiselle Ward (1937-1965) and Lon Sidney Berry (1948-1984). Though all three census entries for Tex indicate that he was born in North Dakota, his obituary says that he was born in Stanley, Wisconsin, so maybe he was...

Funeral/Memorial card:

In Remembrance
Emmert E. Berry

Behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, accord- ing as we hope in thee. Psalm 33:18-32

In Loving Memory of
Emmert E. Berry
Jan. 8, 1908--Feb 12, 1994

Memorial Services
At 10:00 A.M.
Feb. 17, 1994
First Presbyterian Church
Wickenburg, Arizona

Conducted by
Rev. Jim Longstreet

Wickenburg Cemetery

[Card back credit: Design & Printing Courtesy of Bobbe Berry and his Macintosh.]
Source: Family data. Loiselle family papers.

The White House

February 17, 1994

[address block private]

Dear Mr. Loiselle:

Hillary and I extend our deepest sympathy
on the death of your father. We hope that the
love and support of your family and friends will
sustain and comfort you during this difficult
time. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

[Signature of] Bill Clinton

Source: Family data. Loiselle family papers.

Copyright 2006 D Giles Loiselle

Nov 2, 2006

George William and Annie Robertson LOISELLE 1910 Holcombe WI

1910 United States Federal Census
Holcombe Town, Chippewa Co, WI
orig sheet 1
SD 10
ED 69
Ward of City Holcombe
J.B. Martin, enumerator
15 Apr 1910

lines 7 ff
hh 3/3

William LOISELLE [this is George William "William" LOISELLE; he is indexed at as Willam Loiselle for this census.], head, white, male
Age in 1910: 38; b abt 1872; b WI; fa b Canada annotated "French"]; mo b NY;
Married 9 years
Rents his home

Name: Annie LOISELLE [Annie Maud ROBERTSON and (variant) ROBINSON], wife, white, female
Age in 1910: 28, b abt 1822; b Canada [annotated "Scotch"]; fa b Scotland [annotated "Scotch"]; mo b Canada [annotated "Scotch"]
Married 9 years
Year of Immigration: 1886
4 children born to her; 4 living

Ella Loiselle [Ella M. LOISELLE will marry and then divorce George P. HINTON], dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 8, b abt 1902; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Canada

Allice Loiselle [Alice Vivian LOISELLE will marry Fred Einer SANDBERG], dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 6; b abt 1904; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Candada

Hazel Loiselle, dau, white, female
Age in 1910: 4, b abt 1906; b WI; mo b Canada

Etienne Loiselle, son, white, male [Etienne dies in 1918; this is his only census entry]
Age in 1910: 2, b abt 1908; b WI; fa b WI; mo b Canada;

Ella, Allice, and Hazel all attended school w/in the year.

William's brother Thadeous LOISLLE is enumerated on the same page for this census (as Thad LOISELLE). His sister Cora and his brother Fred follow closely - on the next page.

Source: 1910 Population Schedule, Holcombe, Chippewa Co, WI. NARA micropublication T624_1703, page: 1A.

Nov 1, 2006

Matilda Loiselle Toutant - 1900 census Chippewa Co, WI

Matilda LOISELLE was a daughter of Etienne LOISELLE and Florence ROBERTS. To this point, I have only been able to locate her on the 1880 and 1900 censuses. She was a sister to our family's George William "William" LOISELLE who married Anna Maude "Annie" ROBERTSON (also found with the surname ROBINSON).

Matilda LOISELLE married a man with the surname TOUTANT, likely in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. He was apparently Alphonse TOUTANT (TOUTEMPS), but I have not yet independently documented that. The 1900 census indicates that Matilda has married, had three children, and divorced.

Village of Cadott, Chippewa Co, WI
12-13 Jun 1900
Ross. Hardy, enumerator

SD 99
ED 56
Orig sheet 4b

household 81/84
lines 69 ff

TOUTANT, Matilda, Head, w, f, May 1867, 33, divorced; 4 children born to her, 4 living; born WI; fa b Canada; mo b NY; Dressmaker; no unemployment in prev yr; can read, write, and speak English; rents
-- Clara B., dau, w, f, Jul 1887; 12 yrs old; single; b WI; fa b Canada; m b WI; no occupa listed; can read, write, speak Engl
--Lida E., dau, w, f, Apr 1888, 12, single, 12 yrs old; b WI; fa b Canada; m b WI;occupa: at school; can read, write, speak Engl
--John R., son, w, m, Mar 1895, 5 yrs old, single; ; fa b Canada; m b WI; no occupa listed; can speak Engl

Source: 1900 US Census, Cadott, Chippewa, Wisconsin, Micropublication T623_1780, p 4B

Please share any further information you might have on Matilda LOISELLE TOUTANT; her marriage; or her descendants.

Dr Royal C RODECKER, Cora, Fred, and Alice LOISELLE 1910

18 Apr 1910
Holcombe Town, Chippewa Co, WI
SD 10
ED 69
Orig sheet 2a
JB Martin, enumerator

lines 10 ff
hh 25/27
Loiselle, Fred, head, m, w, 40, marr, 29 at 1st marr, b WI, fa b Canada (French), mo b NY, barn boss in livery barn, can read and write, rents
--Alice, f, w, 52, marr 1st at 29, b WI, fa b OH, mo b OH, can read and write - no children born to her (and so none living)

Fred was enumerated two households after that of his sister Cora and her husband Royal RODECKER:

line 6 ff
hh 23/25
RODECKER, Royal C., head, m, w, 34, marr. (says 5 yrs at 1st marriage - enumeration error), b IL, fa b IL, mo, IN, physician at drug store, reads and writes, owns own home mortgage-free
--Cora [F?], wife, f, w, 29, marr, 5 yrs at 1st marr (enumeration error); no children born to her (and so none living), b WI, fa b Canada (French), mo b NY, housewife

Royal's parents Charles W. (64) and Matilda A. (58) RODECKER were enumerated between Cora and her brother Fred's households at household 24/26. (Charles RODECKER is also enumerated as a physician.)

Micropublication T624_1703, orig p 2A; image: 923 at

Oct 22, 2006

Royal Charles Loiselle - WWII enlistment

8 Jan 1943
Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA

(key: Column Title | Value | Meaning | )
GRADE: CODE: 8 : Private:
BRANCH: CODE: 00 : Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA:
TERM OF ENLISTMENT: 5 Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
YEAR OF BIRTH: 10 : ---
RACE AND CITIZENSHIP: 1 : White, citizen
EDUCATION: 4 : 4 years of high school
MARITAL STATUS: 3 : Separated, with dependents
COMPONENT OF THE ARMY: 7 : Selectees (Enlisted Men)
CARD NUMBER: # : ---
BOX NUMBER: 1061 :-- :

Sources: NARA. Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, ca. 1938 - 1946 (Enlistment Records) ; National Cemetery Administration, "Nationwide Gravesite Locator" Accessed and recorded 25 Apr 2005.

He is believed to have been in a cavalry unit, at least for a time. His son remembers seeing pictures of him with a horse and a saber. One duty station was at Camp McCoy, WI. Royal and his second wife, Helen, are interred at Ft Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Jun 26, 2006

Etienne and Thaddeous LOISELLE, Chippewa Falls - in Eau Claire WI Directory

from the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Directories, 1889-93

Etienne LOISELLE, Chippewa Falls, WI , teamster 5 East Canal
Years: 1889, 1890

Thaddeus LOISELLE, Chippewa Falls WI, laborer, boards 5 East Canal [note variant spelling (for Thaddeous)]
Years: 1889, 1890

Jun 24, 2006

william h. chapman of sheboygan county, wisconsin

William H. CHAPMAN
CHRONOLOGY research report
research notes © 2006 D Giles Loiselle
[William is a son of my husband's 2d great-grandparents, John J. CHAPMAN and Lany PRICE of New York and Wisconsin]

Parents: John J. CHAPMAN (1824-1888) and Lany PRICE (1834-1898)
Life Range: 30 May 1852 - Aft 14 Jan 1919

1852 - May 30 Birth: USA, New York, Jefferson County. The 1880 census gives William's birthplace as New York, but the Sheboygan Vital Records index shows that he was born in Sheboygan Co, Wi. There is, then, a discrepancy between the Sheboygan Co, WI birth record for William H. CHAPMAN and the fact that he was with his family in the 1860 census in New York in which he is recorded as having been born in New York. All subsequent census records, too, report his birth location as New York.

Abt 1855 Spouse: Mary Luella DAWN born in Canada.

Bet 1860 and 1865 William's family migrated from Jefferson County, New York to Greenbush, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin . His parents John and Lany were in Pamelia, Jefferson Co, NY for the 1860 census and in Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, WI for the 1865 Town of Greenbush, WI census, leading me to conclude that William's CHAPMAN family migrated at some point between that census and the 1860 one:

1860 Jul 9 Census: USA, New York, Jefferson County, Pamelia. Watertown P.O.
Watertown PO
9 July 1860
Pamelia, Jefferson Co, NY
Watertown PO
JM McGinnis, enumerator
Original p 65
line 12 ff
hh 488/464

CHAPMAN, John J., 37, Farmer, personal estate $100, b NY,
--Lany, 26, b NY
--Jacob M, 9, b NY
--**William H, 8, b NY
--Charles W., 6, b NY
--Osdelle, 1, female, b NY
MAYO, Charles, 43, m, Farmer, 2800 real estate, b NY, "Insane"
note: Since Lany's maiden name is PRICE, Charles MAYO may be a maternal relative - her grandfather, maybe? This is completely unverified at this time (4 Oct 2004).

1865 Jun 1 Census: Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin. Town of Greenbush.
Enumeration of the inhabitants of the Town of Greenbush in Sheboygan County, State of Wisconsin, on the first day of June 1865, taken by me - Henry Stannard, Town Clerk
Chapman, John
5 white males [includes John (head) and likely Nelson, Jacob, **William H., and Charles W.]
1 white female [Lany (mother)]
0 foreign born
note: Osdell, the one-year-old in John and Lany's 1860 household (census), is evidenly no longer with them. She may be a daughter who died between 1860 and 1865, but I have no documentation about her other than her presence on the 1860 census.
note: In the Lima, Sheboygan Co, WI town census for 1865 (page 1) is another John Chapman whose household consists of thee white males, five white females, with two foriegn-born individuals. John and Lany's presence in so many Greenbush records leads me to conclude that John is not the Chapman in the Lima census, but researchers should be aware of that individual's presence in the same county during the period "our" John lived there. There is also an Edward CHAPMAN in that town's census (page 9). Both of these men are also found in Lima in the state census conducted in 1855. If there is a connection between them and John J. CHAPMAN's family line, I am not currently aware of it ( 22 Jun 2006).

1870 Jun 13 Census: Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin - In Town of Greenbush. An 18 year-old William is still with his parents for the 1870 census:

(Original p 25)
Town of Greenbush, Sheboygan Co
13 Jun 1870
(A.M. Barnum, enumerator)

line 1, ff.
hh/174/172 Chapman, JJ, 52, ma, w, farmer, real estate $500,personal estate $500, b New York
--Lana P., 37, keeping house, b NY
--William, 18, b NY at home
--Clinton, 7, Attending School, b NY, attended school w/in yr
--Emma, 4, b WI, at home
--Hattie, 2, b WI, at home

(Original p 24)
Town of Greenbush, Sheboygan Co
11 Jun 1870
(A.M. Barnum, enumerator)

William's brother Charles, 15, is found near his parents (enumerated a page after him) for this census. He is in the household of Hiram W. HIGGINS, line 28, hh 171/169:
line 32:
CHAPMAN, Charles W. , 15, m, w, Farm Laborer, b NY, attended school w/in the year

In the household enumerated directly before the Higgins household is William's brother Nelson CHAPMAN (in the household of Gilbert PUTNAM [line 24, hh 170/168]:
line 27: CHAPMAN, Nelson, 18, m, w, Farm Laborer, b NY, attended school w/in the yr

note: Nelson does not appear on Marian Chapman's descendancy chart for the family. On the 1870 Greenbush, Sheboygan County Federal Census transcription that appears online (accessed 22 Jun 2006), Nelson is transcribed as "Dilion" CHAPMAN (hh 170/168, Gilbert PUTNAM, head).
note: Also in Sheboygan Co in 1870 is a 36 year-old Herman CHAPMAN, living in Mitchel with his own family. Like John, this Herman was born in New York and may well be a relative (brother?) of his. Further research is needed:
Town of Mitchel
Rathburn PO
Sheboygan Co, WI
24 Jun 1870
A.M. Barnum, enumerator [same as for John CHAPMAN in 1870 census]

line 25
hh 25/25

CHAPMAN, Herman, 36, m, w, Day Laborer, $150 personal estate, b NY
--Catherine, 33, f, w, Keeping House, b NY
--Charles, 13, Attending School, b WI
--Anna, 11, b WI, Attending School
--Evaline, 2, b WI, At Home

1874 Sep 20 Marriage: Mary Luella DAWN (Abt 1855- ) in Greenbush, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, USA.
note: MARRIAGE RECORD: Place of marriage is abbreviated but may be the Greenbush Methodist Episcopal Church. The ceremony was performed by JohnWestlake, and witnessed by Mr. Hiram Higgins and Mrs. Francis Higgins. (Sheboygan County Marriages
Volume 5, page 83, record 1541) [my source for this marriage note is Brenton L. Johnson's GEDCOM]
LuElla's place of birth listed as Permelia, Jefferson County,New York.[Source BL Johnson, above]. That conflicts with 1880 census information (see below).

1876 Son born (#1): USA, Wisconsin. Charles CHAPMAN (1876). Born in Wisconsin, USA.
Abt 1878 Daughter born (#2): Jessie CHAPMAN (Abt 1878). Born in Wisconsin, USA.
Abt 1880 Daughter born (#3): Jennie CHAPMAN (Abt 1880. Born in Wisconsin, USA.

1880 Census: William appears a few households later than his parents in the 1880 census for Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, WI:

key: Name - Relation -Marital Status - Gender - Race - Age - Birthplace - Occupation - Father's Birthplace- Mother's Birthplace
**William CHAPMAN Self M Male W 28 NY Farmer NY NY
Lu Ella CHAPMAN Wife M Female W 25 CAN Keeping House ENG NY
Charles CHAPMAN Son S Male W 4 WI NY CAN
Jessie CHAPMAN Dau S Female W 2 WI NY CAN
Jennie CHAPMAN Dau S Female W 2M WI NY CAN

1888 May 23 Death of father:
John J. CHAPMAN (1824-1888). USA, Wisconsin.
1898 Dec 7 Death of mother, Lany PRICE
(1834-1898). USA, Wisconsin, Sheboygan County, Greenbush.
1919 Jan 14 Residence: USA, Wisconsin. William was listed in his sister Emma's obituary as living in Pebles, WI, a place I have not yet located (as of 22 Jun 2006).

Aft 1919 Jan 14 Death: location and details unknown/not yet researched, but a mention of a living William in his sister Emma's 1919 obituary is good evidence that he didn't die until after 14 Jan 1919.

research notes: Three possible marriage records for William are in the Sheboygan Co, WI vital records index, but none of the three possibilities show him marrying someone named Lu Ella, his wife on the 1880 census and in Marion (Chapman) Berry's genealogy paperwork.

Chapman, William H. Bryant, M. A. June 5, 1878 vol 5 pp 125-2385
Chapman, William H. Dawn, Mary Sept. 20, 1874 vol 5 pp 83-1541
Chapman, William Kau, Kate Aug. 10, 1884 vol 6 pp 116-689

Mary DAWN, however, is LuElla DAWN, and so the 20 Sep 1874 record is his.

William was in his sister Emma's obituary published in the January 14, 1919, Shawano County Advocate as living in Pebles, Wisconsin [Source: Brenton L. Johnson's 2005 GEDCOM, which includes obituary details.]

William is found in Sheboygan County Births, Page: Volume 18, Page 60, Record 180.

Jun 1, 2006

Wisconsin Historical Society and LOISELLE marriage records

The Wisconsin Historical Society's vital records search now includes pre-1907 marriages in its database. Using LOISELLE as my search term uncovered 27 vital records in Chippewa County and one in Eau Claire. Some of the records were for marriages. What a great help to researchers!

Apr 4, 2006

thaddeous loiselle - son of etienne and florence loiselle

david rawley laid out the family of thaddeous and nora (RAWLINGS) LOISELLE on the rawley message board or list at rootweb on 17 may 2004. thaddeous was a brother of george william "william" loiselle (the father of royal loiselle). thaddeous and william's parents, etienne and florence loiselle, settled in chippewa county, wisconsin in the latter part of the 1800s.

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Surnames: Sweet, Lenhart, Oestreich, Meuche, Loiselle, Webb, Rawley
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Does anyone have any information on the parents/siblings of David Rawley? Thanks.


1. David RAWLEY.

He was married to Barbara DOWNING. David RAWLEY and Barbara DOWNING had the following children:

i.Nora RAWLEY (born in 1869).


2. Nora RAWLEY was born in 1869. She died in 1933 in Wisconsin, USA. She was buried in Holcombe Cemetary Association, Holcombe, Wisconsin, USA.

She was married to Thadeous (Thad) LOISELLE (son of Etienne (Stephen) LOISELLE and Florence (Florentine) ROBERTS) on January 9, 1887 in Cadott, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA. The marriage actually took place in Cadott, Chippewa, WI on 9 Jan 1887. Nora RAWLEY and Thadeous (Thad) LOISELLE had the following children:

+3i.Walter LOISELLE (born on May 14, 1886).
+4ii.Raymond (Ray) LOISELLE (born on January 9, 1890).
+5iii.Wilfred LOISELLE (born in 1892).
+6iv.Florence LOISELLE (born in 1903).
8vi.Dell LOISELLE.
9vii.Maude LOISELLE. Died as a child"

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etienne LOISELLE was born on 28 january 1832 in st. joachim, chateauguay, quebec, canada (not too far from the us/canadian border) and died on 19 february 1916 in holcombe, wisconsin. a priest, p. grenier, baptized him on 29 january 1832. etienne, sometimes found in the records as "stephen," married florence ROBERTS on 28 october 1857 in rock island, illinois. florence was born on either 25 February or 25 March 1841 in Plattsburg, New York, and she died in boyd, wisconsin on July 29, 1898.

Mar 18, 2006

Loiselle birth records available via WI historical society

Following is birth information for several LOISELLEs born in pre-1907 Chippewa County, Wisconsin. The birth records - with the one exception noted - can be ordered from the Wisconsin Historical Society, which maintains several invaluable free online databases.

Key: Surname, Given Name | Birth date | WI county | Microfilm reel & Birth Record #

Loiselle, Alice V | Dec 14 1903 | Chippewa | 30 1104
Loiselle, Annie | Dec 18 1906 | Chippewa | 30 1671
Loiselle, Armand | Jan 10 1894 | Chippewa | 29 17
Loiselle, Delia | Sep 20 1888 | Chippewa | 28 1278
Loiselle, Emery J | Jul 26 1901 | Chippewa | D0007 16525 Emery's record is not available for order from the society
Loiselle, Etienne | Apr 29 1884 | Chippewa | 27 2948
Loiselle, Florence B | Oct 19 1903 | Chippewa | 30 142
Loiselle, Frankie | Apr 23 1886 | Chippewa | 28 424
Loiselle, Harvey J | Aug 03 1898 | Chippewa | 29 1395
Loiselle, Joseph P | May 23 1875 | Chippewa |27 1987
Loiselle, Lucile B | Dec 29 1905 | Chippewa | 30 1165
Loiselle, Matilda | Aug 19 1905 | Chippewa | 30 689
Loiselle, Wesley T | Jan 18 1907 | Chippewa | 30 1673
Loiselle, [no given name available] | Feb 25 1901 | Chippewa | 29 2450
Loiselle, [no given name available] | Apr 06 1900 | Chippewa 29 1943
Loiselle, [no given name available] | Mar 30 1903 | Chippewa 30 5

Source: Wisconsin Historical Society, Vital Records, online database,, accessed 18 Mar 2006.