Nov 21, 2004

photo - rackow, chapman, and loiselle , circa 1954

marian emma chapman (back); emile rackow chapman (left front); barbara ann loiselle ward (left front); baby: [pvt]

marian chapman; emilie rackow; barbara loiselle - wisconsin

emilie rackow (1889-1968) married clarence clinton chapman (1887-1984) on 9 feb 1910 in sheboygan co, wi . emilie rackow was born in eden, fond du lac Co, wi ; died in troy, lincoln co, mo and is buried in greenbush, sheboygan co, wi. clarence clinton chapman was born in greenbush, sheboygan co, wi and died in winfield, lincoln co, mo.

emilie and clarence's daughter marian emma chapman (1914-1988) married (1) royal charles loiselle (1910-1977) 26 jan 1933 in wisconsin (divorce); and married (2) emmert ellsworth "tex" berry (1914-1994) in minnesota. marian emma chapman was born at cushing farm, coban, chippewa co, wi and died and is buried in wickenburg, maricopa co, az. royal charles loiselle was born in holcombe, chippewa co, wi and died in st paul, ramsey co, mn. tex berry was born in wisconsin and died in glendale, maricopa co, az. he is interred in wickenburg, maricopa co, az.

marian and royal's daughter barbara ann loiselle (1937-1965) married [pvt]. barbara ann loiselle was born in cornell, chippew co, wi and died in st paul, ramsey co, mn.

loiselle marriages in 19th century illinois

in looking for documentation of the illinois marriage of etienne loiselle and florence roberts recently, i found the loiselle marriages listed below in the illinois state archives database online. i don't believe any of them are relatied to etienne, but i wanted to make note just in case i discover differently somewhere further down the line in my research.

note: the first person in each couple is the groom, the second the bride. individuals desiring copies of these records should check with the archives page listed in the source note following the list for ordering information.

BERTRAND, Napoleon J and LOISELLE, Leonie on 11/21/1899; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00007033; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Belome Wm and ASBORG, Mary Ermine on 09/19/1880; vol/pg 00A/ ; lic #00000678; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Calixte and HARBOUR, Ozince on 01/22/1877; vol/pg 00B/0132 ; lic #00004261 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, George and BILADEAUX, Eva on 10/12/1897; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00006365; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Halvy and ARSENAULT, Domela on 11/28/1900; vol/pg00C/; lic #00007934 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, John and PERAULT, Erna on 02/13/1865; vol/pg 00B/; lic #00001193 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Wilfred and DURAND, Rosanna on 11/28/1899; vol/pg 00C/ ; lic #00007042; Kankakee Co, IL

NONNANDIES, Ernest and LOISELLE, Agnes on 11/22/1875; vol/pg 00B/0122 ; lic #00003935; Kankakee Co, IL

SEIBERT, George and LOISELLE, Nirild on 08/12/1897; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00006309; Kankakee Co, IL

source and records ordering information: llinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
An Ongoing Project of the Illinois State Archives &
the Illinois State Genealogical Society
[accessed 14 Oct 2004]

Nov 11, 2004

loiselle photo, early 1940s, chippewa county, wisconsin


l to r: (front) ella (loiselle) hinton; marian emma (chapman) loiselle; unk; unk; unk (william loiselle?); (rear) royal charles loiselle; unk. early 1940s.

loiselle and chapman families, wisconsin, minnesota, and new york

okay, let's begin:

Royal Charles LOISELLE

Parents: George William "William" LOISELLE (1870-1947) and Anna "Annie" ROBERTSON (1881-1924)
Life Range: 29 Dec 1910 - 29 Apr 1977

1910 Dec 29 Birth: USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Holcombe.

9 Jan 1911 Alt. name: USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Holcombe. His given and middle name are incorrect on his birth certificate as it was filed. According to the birth certificate on file with the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Royal birth was filed as "Roval Carles LOISELLE."

Royal was born in a rural community 29 Dec 1910. HIs birth was registered about eleven days later. Not a long gap between and registry, really, but what seems obvious to us is that in those intervening days, the name got changed somehow in transcriptions of it. Likely the person transcribing the original notes was not the same person who had taken them, resulting in Royal unwittingly carrying legal given names sounding more hispanic than French all his life.

1914 Oct 12 Bith of spouse (#1): USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Cobban, Cushing Farm. Marian Emma CHAPMAN (1914-1988). Born in Cushing Farm, Cobban, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA. Died on 28 Oct 1988 in Wickenburg, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA.

1924 Death of Mother: USA, Wisconsin. Anna "Annie" ROBERTSON (1881-1924).

1930 Census: USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Cornell. In April 1930, a nineteen-year-old Royal is still in his father's household. At some point, the family has moved frodm Holcombe to Cornell.

[1930 Census for Cornell Village, Chippewa, Wisconsin]
Enumeration Date: 4-5 Apr 1930
Address: 107 South Sixth Street

Loiselle, William--Head--Renting for $18/mo.--M--W--Age: 58--Born:
Wisconsin--F. b. Canada--M. b. Canada--Occ: Re winder tender?/Wood
product mill
Hinton, Ella M.--Daughter--F--W--Age: 28--Div.--Born: Minnesota--F. b.
Wisconsin--M. b. Canada--Occ: None
Loiselle, Royal C.--Son--M--W--Age: 19--Single--Born: Wisconsin--F. b.
Wisconsin--M. b. Canada--Occ: Laborer/Odd Jobs
Loiselle, William R.--Son--M--W--Age: 15--Single--Born: Wisconsin--F. b.
Wisconsin--M. b. Canada--Occ: None
Loiselle, Amasa J.--Son--M--W--Age: 12?--Single--Born: Wisconsin--F. b.
Wisconsin--M. b. Canada--Occ: None
Hinton, Foster J.--Grandson--M--W--Age: 8--Single--Born: Wisconsin--F. b.
Wisconsin--M. b. Minnesota--Occ: None

There is a hypen after "Loiselle, Royal C." with a notation that appears to be "ab." A similar notation by this enumerator appears for others in this census. Its meaning, if any, is unknown.

1933 Jan 26 Marriage (1): Marian Emma CHAPMAN (1914-1988). Ending status: Divorced before 26 May 44 (Wisconsin).

1937 Feb 18 child born: USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Cornell. Barbara Ann LOISELLE (1937-1965). Died on 27 Jun 1965 in Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA.

pvt male child born: USA, Wisconsin, Chippewa County, Cornell.

date unk: Royal's 2d marriage was to Mrs. Helen LOISELLE (birth surname unknown at present)

1947 Death of Father: USA, Wisconsin. George William "William" LOISELLE (1870-1947).

1965 Jun 27 Death of Child : USA, Minnesota, Ramsey County, Saint Paul. Barbara Ann LOISELLE (1937-1965).

1977 Apr 29 Royal's death: USA, Minnesota, Ramsey County, Saint Paul. Social Security Index lists the following localities for death:
Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 55117 Localities: Little Canada, Ram sey, Minnesota Maplewood, Ramsey, Minnesota Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota

1977 Apr 29 Death Information: USA, Minnesota, Hennepin County. CertID# 1977-MN-008523 Recorded on the certificate:
CertID# 1977-MN-008523
Date of Birth:12/29/1910
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE
Mother Maiden Name: ROBERTSON
Date of Death:04/29/1977
County of Death: HENNEPIN

Soc Sec Num: USA, Wisconsin. 393-05-5952.

ancestry of Royal Charles LOISELLE

+--- 3-Etienne LOISELLE [1],b.28 Jan 1832,d.19 Feb 1916
+--+ 2-George William "William" LOISELLE,b.Jan 1870,d.1947
| |
| | +--- 4-Peter ROBERTS,see below
| | |
| +--+ 3-Florence ROBERTS,b.25 Feb 1841,d.29 Jul 1898
| |
| +--- 4-Mary ROBERTS Mrs., see below
--+ 1-Royal Charles LOISELLE,b.29 Dec 1910,d.29 Apr 1977
+--- 2-Anna "Annie" ROBERTSON,b.1881,d.1924

i'm looking for source information about Etienne LOISELLE's parents. is this them?

Joseph LOISEL DIT VENET and Catherine (Juingue) CHINK

i'm also looking for source information about Florence ROBERTS' parents. Is this them?

Peter ROBERTS (Pierre Robert III)

aka Pierre ROBERT III
parents: Pierre ROBERT II (1760-1827) and Cécile HÉBERT (Abt 1763-1830)
life range: 16 Apr 1783 - Bef 1850

1783 Apr 16 Birth: Canada, Quebec, Larairie, St. Phillipe.
Abt 1802 Spouse: Marie PAYAN (Abt 1802- ).

note: for more on this family and some likely background information , see a 13 sep 2000 posting on the robert family board at