Nov 21, 2004

loiselle marriages in 19th century illinois

in looking for documentation of the illinois marriage of etienne loiselle and florence roberts recently, i found the loiselle marriages listed below in the illinois state archives database online. i don't believe any of them are relatied to etienne, but i wanted to make note just in case i discover differently somewhere further down the line in my research.

note: the first person in each couple is the groom, the second the bride. individuals desiring copies of these records should check with the archives page listed in the source note following the list for ordering information.

BERTRAND, Napoleon J and LOISELLE, Leonie on 11/21/1899; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00007033; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Belome Wm and ASBORG, Mary Ermine on 09/19/1880; vol/pg 00A/ ; lic #00000678; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Calixte and HARBOUR, Ozince on 01/22/1877; vol/pg 00B/0132 ; lic #00004261 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, George and BILADEAUX, Eva on 10/12/1897; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00006365; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Halvy and ARSENAULT, Domela on 11/28/1900; vol/pg00C/; lic #00007934 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, John and PERAULT, Erna on 02/13/1865; vol/pg 00B/; lic #00001193 ; Kankakee Co, IL

LOISELLE, Wilfred and DURAND, Rosanna on 11/28/1899; vol/pg 00C/ ; lic #00007042; Kankakee Co, IL

NONNANDIES, Ernest and LOISELLE, Agnes on 11/22/1875; vol/pg 00B/0122 ; lic #00003935; Kankakee Co, IL

SEIBERT, George and LOISELLE, Nirild on 08/12/1897; vol/pg 00C/; lic #00006309; Kankakee Co, IL

source and records ordering information: llinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900
An Ongoing Project of the Illinois State Archives &
the Illinois State Genealogical Society
[accessed 14 Oct 2004]