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william h. chapman of sheboygan county, wisconsin

William H. CHAPMAN
CHRONOLOGY research report
research notes © 2006 D Giles Loiselle
[William is a son of my husband's 2d great-grandparents, John J. CHAPMAN and Lany PRICE of New York and Wisconsin]

Parents: John J. CHAPMAN (1824-1888) and Lany PRICE (1834-1898)
Life Range: 30 May 1852 - Aft 14 Jan 1919

1852 - May 30 Birth: USA, New York, Jefferson County. The 1880 census gives William's birthplace as New York, but the Sheboygan Vital Records index shows that he was born in Sheboygan Co, Wi. There is, then, a discrepancy between the Sheboygan Co, WI birth record for William H. CHAPMAN and the fact that he was with his family in the 1860 census in New York in which he is recorded as having been born in New York. All subsequent census records, too, report his birth location as New York.

Abt 1855 Spouse: Mary Luella DAWN born in Canada.

Bet 1860 and 1865 William's family migrated from Jefferson County, New York to Greenbush, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin . His parents John and Lany were in Pamelia, Jefferson Co, NY for the 1860 census and in Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, WI for the 1865 Town of Greenbush, WI census, leading me to conclude that William's CHAPMAN family migrated at some point between that census and the 1860 one:

1860 Jul 9 Census: USA, New York, Jefferson County, Pamelia. Watertown P.O.
Watertown PO
9 July 1860
Pamelia, Jefferson Co, NY
Watertown PO
JM McGinnis, enumerator
Original p 65
line 12 ff
hh 488/464

CHAPMAN, John J., 37, Farmer, personal estate $100, b NY,
--Lany, 26, b NY
--Jacob M, 9, b NY
--**William H, 8, b NY
--Charles W., 6, b NY
--Osdelle, 1, female, b NY
MAYO, Charles, 43, m, Farmer, 2800 real estate, b NY, "Insane"
note: Since Lany's maiden name is PRICE, Charles MAYO may be a maternal relative - her grandfather, maybe? This is completely unverified at this time (4 Oct 2004).

1865 Jun 1 Census: Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin. Town of Greenbush.
Enumeration of the inhabitants of the Town of Greenbush in Sheboygan County, State of Wisconsin, on the first day of June 1865, taken by me - Henry Stannard, Town Clerk
Chapman, John
5 white males [includes John (head) and likely Nelson, Jacob, **William H., and Charles W.]
1 white female [Lany (mother)]
0 foreign born
note: Osdell, the one-year-old in John and Lany's 1860 household (census), is evidenly no longer with them. She may be a daughter who died between 1860 and 1865, but I have no documentation about her other than her presence on the 1860 census.
note: In the Lima, Sheboygan Co, WI town census for 1865 (page 1) is another John Chapman whose household consists of thee white males, five white females, with two foriegn-born individuals. John and Lany's presence in so many Greenbush records leads me to conclude that John is not the Chapman in the Lima census, but researchers should be aware of that individual's presence in the same county during the period "our" John lived there. There is also an Edward CHAPMAN in that town's census (page 9). Both of these men are also found in Lima in the state census conducted in 1855. If there is a connection between them and John J. CHAPMAN's family line, I am not currently aware of it ( 22 Jun 2006).

1870 Jun 13 Census: Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, Wisconsin - In Town of Greenbush. An 18 year-old William is still with his parents for the 1870 census:

(Original p 25)
Town of Greenbush, Sheboygan Co
13 Jun 1870
(A.M. Barnum, enumerator)

line 1, ff.
hh/174/172 Chapman, JJ, 52, ma, w, farmer, real estate $500,personal estate $500, b New York
--Lana P., 37, keeping house, b NY
--William, 18, b NY at home
--Clinton, 7, Attending School, b NY, attended school w/in yr
--Emma, 4, b WI, at home
--Hattie, 2, b WI, at home

(Original p 24)
Town of Greenbush, Sheboygan Co
11 Jun 1870
(A.M. Barnum, enumerator)

William's brother Charles, 15, is found near his parents (enumerated a page after him) for this census. He is in the household of Hiram W. HIGGINS, line 28, hh 171/169:
line 32:
CHAPMAN, Charles W. , 15, m, w, Farm Laborer, b NY, attended school w/in the year

In the household enumerated directly before the Higgins household is William's brother Nelson CHAPMAN (in the household of Gilbert PUTNAM [line 24, hh 170/168]:
line 27: CHAPMAN, Nelson, 18, m, w, Farm Laborer, b NY, attended school w/in the yr

note: Nelson does not appear on Marian Chapman's descendancy chart for the family. On the 1870 Greenbush, Sheboygan County Federal Census transcription that appears online (accessed 22 Jun 2006), Nelson is transcribed as "Dilion" CHAPMAN (hh 170/168, Gilbert PUTNAM, head).
note: Also in Sheboygan Co in 1870 is a 36 year-old Herman CHAPMAN, living in Mitchel with his own family. Like John, this Herman was born in New York and may well be a relative (brother?) of his. Further research is needed:
Town of Mitchel
Rathburn PO
Sheboygan Co, WI
24 Jun 1870
A.M. Barnum, enumerator [same as for John CHAPMAN in 1870 census]

line 25
hh 25/25

CHAPMAN, Herman, 36, m, w, Day Laborer, $150 personal estate, b NY
--Catherine, 33, f, w, Keeping House, b NY
--Charles, 13, Attending School, b WI
--Anna, 11, b WI, Attending School
--Evaline, 2, b WI, At Home

1874 Sep 20 Marriage: Mary Luella DAWN (Abt 1855- ) in Greenbush, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, USA.
note: MARRIAGE RECORD: Place of marriage is abbreviated but may be the Greenbush Methodist Episcopal Church. The ceremony was performed by JohnWestlake, and witnessed by Mr. Hiram Higgins and Mrs. Francis Higgins. (Sheboygan County Marriages
Volume 5, page 83, record 1541) [my source for this marriage note is Brenton L. Johnson's GEDCOM]
LuElla's place of birth listed as Permelia, Jefferson County,New York.[Source BL Johnson, above]. That conflicts with 1880 census information (see below).

1876 Son born (#1): USA, Wisconsin. Charles CHAPMAN (1876). Born in Wisconsin, USA.
Abt 1878 Daughter born (#2): Jessie CHAPMAN (Abt 1878). Born in Wisconsin, USA.
Abt 1880 Daughter born (#3): Jennie CHAPMAN (Abt 1880. Born in Wisconsin, USA.

1880 Census: William appears a few households later than his parents in the 1880 census for Greenbush, Sheboygan Co, WI:

key: Name - Relation -Marital Status - Gender - Race - Age - Birthplace - Occupation - Father's Birthplace- Mother's Birthplace
**William CHAPMAN Self M Male W 28 NY Farmer NY NY
Lu Ella CHAPMAN Wife M Female W 25 CAN Keeping House ENG NY
Charles CHAPMAN Son S Male W 4 WI NY CAN
Jessie CHAPMAN Dau S Female W 2 WI NY CAN
Jennie CHAPMAN Dau S Female W 2M WI NY CAN

1888 May 23 Death of father:
John J. CHAPMAN (1824-1888). USA, Wisconsin.
1898 Dec 7 Death of mother, Lany PRICE
(1834-1898). USA, Wisconsin, Sheboygan County, Greenbush.
1919 Jan 14 Residence: USA, Wisconsin. William was listed in his sister Emma's obituary as living in Pebles, WI, a place I have not yet located (as of 22 Jun 2006).

Aft 1919 Jan 14 Death: location and details unknown/not yet researched, but a mention of a living William in his sister Emma's 1919 obituary is good evidence that he didn't die until after 14 Jan 1919.

research notes: Three possible marriage records for William are in the Sheboygan Co, WI vital records index, but none of the three possibilities show him marrying someone named Lu Ella, his wife on the 1880 census and in Marion (Chapman) Berry's genealogy paperwork.

Chapman, William H. Bryant, M. A. June 5, 1878 vol 5 pp 125-2385
Chapman, William H. Dawn, Mary Sept. 20, 1874 vol 5 pp 83-1541
Chapman, William Kau, Kate Aug. 10, 1884 vol 6 pp 116-689

Mary DAWN, however, is LuElla DAWN, and so the 20 Sep 1874 record is his.

William was in his sister Emma's obituary published in the January 14, 1919, Shawano County Advocate as living in Pebles, Wisconsin [Source: Brenton L. Johnson's 2005 GEDCOM, which includes obituary details.]

William is found in Sheboygan County Births, Page: Volume 18, Page 60, Record 180.

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