Mar 17, 2007

Translation needed - Etienne Loiselle b 1832

Je ne parle pas français.Veuillez m'aider, si vous pouvez. Pouvez vous traduire pour moi le texte (Drouin) qui paraît dans l'image sur ma page Web ( cliquer l'image pour voir une plus grande version )? Merci infiniment de votre aide et considération. Le garçon, Etienne LOISELLE, est le grand-père de mon conjoint. Voici ma version en cours du texte [English: I do not speak French. Please help me, if you can. Can you translate for me the Drouin Collection text which appears in the image (click the image to view a larger version)? Thank you very much for your help and consideration. The boy mentioned, Etienne LOISELLE, is the great-grandfather of my spouse. Here is my current version of the text (below)]:

de la collection de Drouin:
B.15- Etne[?] Loiselle,
Levingt neuf Janvier [?? mil huit ??] cent Trente deux [?? nous ??] prêtre, [?? Cura' Soul ??]signé avons baptisé Etienne [??ne' ai jouir ??] huis du légitime, mariage de Joseph Loiselle cultivateur du lien & De Catherine Ching. Parrain' Etienne Parant, Marraine Magdeleine, Richard qui, ami signe de pere present nous tu Signer. P Grenier [+ pere?]

English: from the Drouin Collection:

B.15-Etne[?] Loiselle,
29th January [nineteen hundred] and Thirty two [?? us ?? ___] priest, [?? Cura Soulsigne let us have ??] baptizes Etienne [[?? do not have to enjoy ___ ??] legitimates marriage of Joseph Loiselle farmer of the bond & Catherine Ching. Godfather Etienne Parant, Godmother Magdeleine, Richard who, [?? friendly sign of ??] father present [?? us you To sign ??]. P Grenier [and something - father? Or is the mark next to that of Father Grenier that of a signer who cannot write?]

Notes: On the same page, on the twenty-seventh (?) of January, there is a record for Genevieve Parant, whose father is listed as Etienne Parant, husband of Louise Loiselle, and likely the same person who is named as godfather in Etienne's bapstismal entry. Nicholas Parant is listed as Genevieve's godfather and a Genevieve Ducharme as her godmother. (The image above does not contain this section. The image is from my resesearch and digitally combines the two sections with Etienne Loiselle's 1832 birth data.)

And yes, this is the best I can do with all these translations right now - even with Google's help ;-)
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Anonymous said...

doing family research and happened upon your page. Just thought i'd let you know that Parant is french for Godfather and is probably not the last name. Being from South Lousiana, we call our Godfathers Parant. ope that helps clear things up for you a little.

Anonymous said...

The 29 January 1832, we the undersigned preists, have baptised Etienne born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Loiselle, farmer and Catherine Ching. Godfather Etienne Parent, Godmother Magdeleine Richard who... someithing about signing. The signature at the end is that of the preist.

karen said...

Le vingt neuf janvier mil huit cent trente deux notre pretre, cure sousigne, avons baptise Etienne ne hier de legitime mariage de Joseph Loiselle cultivateur de (word missing)lieu et de Catherine Chinq, Parent Etienne Parant, marraine Magdelaine Richard qui sousigne le les? (word missing?) pere present sont sur signer

the 29 Jan 1832, our priest, cure signed below, did baptise
Etienne born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of
Joseph Loiselle, farmer, of (something) place and of Catherine Chinq, Godfather Etienne Parant,
godmother, Magdeleine Richard who signed below, ??? father present have also signed below.

tn type said...

Karen, thanks for your translation. There's always a difficulty in translating old documents - fading, handwriting, etc - but when they're in a language you don't speak, they present a special challenge. Too bad the genes don't confer the language itself!